The Pisan Cross

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How did you celebrate San Ranieri this year?

Those who have been following me on this blog know how much I care about Pisa, my beloved hometown, from which I never wanted to separate.

As a tribute to my beautiful city, I have already dedicated several of my works, depicting the splendid view from the Lungarni in the centre, as I told you in my last blog. If you haven't read it yet, click here!

Only a couple of weeks have passed since June 17, the feast day of San Ranieri, our patron saint. For us, citizens and enthusiasts of Pisa, this festival is meaningful and is always celebrated with two events: the "Luminaria" and the "Gioco del Ponte".

Unfortunately this year the appointments have been postponed.

So, I decided to give free rein to my art to celebrate in my own way, so my latest work TURN ON 15, which depicts the Pisan Cross, came to life.

I tried to reproduce it as it is depicted in our flag, but personalizing it with my style. This cross symbolises the City of Pisa and its first appearance seems to date back to 1156, on one of the city walls.


I intended to combine in a single work the two anniversaries that we missed so much this year, drawing the cross always displayed on the flags of the whole city during our popular "Gioco del Ponte"; also giving it the light, as the "Luminaria" gives it to our Arno river.


And here it is! The splendid cross of my city represented by one of my bright paintings!

I make my TURN ON on a plexiglass panel with glass colours, to which I apply a white wooden frame. The backlighting is made possible thanks to a high quality and low consumption system.

All the TURN ON pieces are unique, they can also be made on commission according to your requests!

And you? How did you celebrate San Ranieri this year?


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