Our shipping courier is  NEXIVE.

The orders are generally shipped within two working days and you can follow the tracking link to monitor its arrival at the destination. Shipping costs are calculated at the time of checkout and they can differ according to the weight and the destination area.

Where possible, a single shipment will be made for multiple products, if this is not possible or if more than one order is made for the same destination, the shipping cost will be calculated and added to each order placed.

The shipping cost also includes the packaging and / or accessories and tools to protect the product.

Although the products are packaged with the greatest possible care, the delivery is carried out by the courier, whose data and details are indicated below. It can be contacted for any request of information:

NEXIVE Commerce srl Espresso system via Fantoli 63 Milan

NB It is possible that in limited and restricted options, the application of an additional shipping charge is required. If this option occurs, the customer will be contacted by the customer service, with the communication of the additional amount, and can currently freely confirm or cancel the order.