Who I am

My painting 

Creating is an antidote against boredom 

I am Ilenia Rosati "ILE", living and working in Pisa. I graduated with honours in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and my artistic life moves among painting, decorations and illustrations.
Colour is the keyword of my painting and I want to convey joy and light-heartedness with it.
I love decorating rooms and places and making environments magical, creating mosaics with mirrors and ceramics for indoors and outdoors.
I also illustrate children's books. My colourful drawings are aimed at better-representing characters and events in a story.
You can see part of my works at various collective and personal exhibitions, in Italy and Spain.

Happiness, Colour and Playing are my keywords.
Follow me into my world!

My Colours

Pisa e i Lungarni

This is Pisa, my home town, and its magical riversides, seen through my painting.

Pisa is the city from which everything started. I am very fond of this place; Pisa is often the background of my works.

I like to give light-heartedness in a world where there is little of it; what I do has the purpose of dragging the observer into, even temporarily, reassuring worlds.    

Comments about me

“Una vera boccata di aria fresca

Isabella Rizzo

Una straordinaria fantasia creativa

Aldo Maria Pero

“Uno sguardo onirico sulla realtà
Elena Colombo